Discover and manage marketplace sellers for your own online marketplace

blendingbits sellerscout offers an effective way for your key account managers to keep track of and discover new and existing marketplace sellers for your online marketplace

If you are running an online marketplace, finding, onboarding and keeping relevant sellers is important to keep your marketplace an attractive destination for customers to keep shopping. Finding and then managing sellers that would be a good fit for your online marketplace can be a hassle, especially if you’re running a more exclusive, curated system. There are plenty providers that will crawl and provide lists of potential sellers, but keeping all this information in one place is key to make the most of it.

Manage your existing sellers and discover new marketplace sellers

blendingbits can give you immediate access to over 50.000 active Amazon Germany sellers that are continually updated and expanded. Our system also allows you to import your own existing seller indices and manage it all in one unified online interface to keep track of who you’ve already onboarded, contacted and who still needs to be brought in.

  1. Access to seller index: We provide you with information on over 50.000 Amazon Germany sellers including contact details so you can immediately expand your key accounting database to recruit new sellers to your own online marketplace.

  2. Adding your own data: If you already have a database of seller information that your key account managers work with, we can import your existing database of sellers.

  3. Organize your data: Our fully customizable label system will allow you to keep track of almost any metric that you need to maintain a good overview of your database.

  4. Add more leads: Whether we bring in additional leads for your key account managers or you have your own sources, our system allows you to continually add and update information on relevant sellers to stay on top of your leads.

  5. Adapting to your needs: Sellerscout offers a solid basis for anyone wanting to manage their leads, but each company has their own individual workflow and requirements. We offer customization and additional features to our existing solutions at reasonable rates.

Centralized Data hosted in the EU

Both your own and our seller information is hosted within the EU on dedicated servers. This allows you 24/7 access and a centralized approach to ensure everyone is working with the most up to date data.

More sellers mean more revenue

By continually expanding the sellers that participate in your online market place, you increase the appeal for your customers and improve your revenue. Sellerscout is the solution to find and manage seller leads for your online market place.

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